it’s raining outside and i want to go play in it but it’s late and unless i get sicker (i think i’m having allergy problems luckily not a cold idt) i have work tomorrow and my hair will go wack if i play in it so i can’t s i g h

omfg i’m dying at the mary poppins quits video asjdakjiogjklsjf SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALO-BULLSHIT AL:SKJGI:LJALKJ

well i’m glad that i got more than  just one day of work next week, but i would’ve liked if they weren’t three days in a row

casually just wrote a post (most of it was today) over 1k for the first time in at least over a year if not more. i have no idea when i last wrote a 1k post. and especially one that’s 1659 words like jfc what happened. 

awkward moment when your character has a mind of his own and decides to have a meltdown when you weren’t planning on him doing that. at least anytime soome

casually actually looking at a school’s master program even while i had been looking at it because a character went there oops

ugh i really need a new laptop. like…badly. if anyone has any recommendations for a decent one (pretty good graphics card, decent RAM) for a decent price lemme know. probably will be avoiding dells. but mine is 4 years old and just no.

so last night was fucking awesome fkamfmcnmwdkskw i hyperventilated a bit when pmore came on but i actually cried a bit when fob came on. i mean they’re the ones that really got me into the music i like???? so i might not have listened to other bands that i love if not for them and kkfksmfksmckks. i’m going to lose it if i ever get to meet them. but yes even though i was on the lawn i had a great fucking time j can’t wait to get to see both bands again (and will hopefully have the money to get pit tickets. that will also make me cry)

tbh not too bad of seats c:

yoooooooooooo #falloutboy #paramore #soexcitedomfg

i should eat lunch but i’m too nervous to because i’m leaving for fob soon and fmlskcsfjklsokdmsck

some of you have no idea how excited i am to see fob it’s ridiculous. i’ve come close to seeing them four times before but now i finally am dkskdkdkms

-once they came to roanoke of the young wild things tour but the day they came here i had to fly out to cali because my sister was graduating from the military language school in monterey
-i wanted to see them on the believers never die part deux but the closest was in DC and even though it was on a weekend my mom didn’t want to go to DC again after i saw patd there
-i had the money and was up when the first comeback tour tickets went on sale but fucking scalpers. and then i had the job at food lion but i had only gotten my first paycheck and it wasn’t a lot and i didn’t have enough money to justify getting stubhub tickets for it
-then was ths second tour with patd and i wanted to go but i jad just gotten my job at school and the tickets were a bit much and i had a lot of financial issues then so i didn’t go


so my friend is going to try and sneak in alcohol i think just because she’s done it at rebellion before but idk if she’ll be able to do it here because it’s not a fest so they might not even want water bottles????

so i looked up the setlist (mostly to just see how many songs each would be playing) and hOLY SHIT THEY ARE BOTH PLAYING SO MANY SONGS I’M GOING TO DIE HAPPY IDC I’M IN LAWN IT’S GOING TO BE FUCKING AMAZING

yay my teeth are clean and was tols to brush and floss more liKE MAYBE IF YOU DIDN’T STAB MY GUMS WITH SHARP POINTY THINGS