i’m kind of tired and kind of want to sleep, but i also just started watching her but i haven’t gotten very far because of distractions s i g h

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dude you went full hyphy in 0.05 seconds =/ you fell off and you’re gonna hurt. but we all fall off. think of the upside. BATTLE WOUNDS MAN! at least that’s what you can tell folks

haha, yeah. i’m not upset or anything. i know i’m gonna hurt d: i’m just ~explaining what happened missy. and the barn owner kept apologizing and i was like “dude. i know horses. shit happens man” but he kept saying he was sorry. i just feel bad because at some point, the mare got the saddle off (last i heard, it was just under her) but it was broken so i feel back for that…

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psssssssssst you’re supposed to stay on the horse when riding one xD

B| i fucking know that. but when the saddle isn’t tightened enough and it starts slipping, it’s a bit hard…also, she went off the trail and i think something spooked her a little when i was trying to get her back on…

first new laptop selfieee. also my scrapes from today c:

soooooo i fell from a horse today. that was fun. 

partying with hannah what what

nothing like liking a work you did and have your professor rip it apart basically h a h a h a

no. i am not naming her damon :|

hello my new beauty! also, name suggestions for her would be fab

preview of my drawing 3 piece C: me gusta

art life #me #art

if i posted the thing i wrote (probably under a read more) would any of you look at it and give me feedback. esp if you think it’s done or should add more??

also it’s sort of morbid as fuck. which it’s writing so duuuhhh

i hate when you’re writing something and it’s all going well until you hit a point of wanting to continue but not knowing how…siiiiigh

so i finally talked with my managers about the supervisor i had a problem with. since so much shit went down saturday and sunday about it all. and tbh the one manager made it seem like the super might be leaving. or demoted or something. because he said he wanted me to be getting the money for being acting supervisor those times i have and then asked about my closing availability. so it seems like i might be??? though this week’s schedule i’m closing but just as an employee i think so oh well on that but maybe in the coming weeks. unless keeno up and quits. which i wouldn’t be too terribly surprised at, because i think he knows that almost all of us don’t like certain aspects of him. mostly work ethic i think. but yeaaahhh….as long as he doesn’t pull a jared, we should be fine….